"Villa Green Grass" is a “MINSYUKU” (traditional Japanese guesthouse) located at Echigo-Nakazato area in Yuzawa town, Niigata prefecture, Japan. We were established in 1959 by our grandfather.

Yuzawa town is the nearest snow country from Tokyo, just 70min on bullet train “Shin-kan-sen”. The town prospered in 1980’s ski boom. Since then, Yuzawa became one of the biggest ski resort in Japan for its high convenience and for its powder snow. This is when many hotels and “RYOKAN” were established in Yuzawa town. Even though there were many hotels and “RYOKAN” established, it was not enough to let all travelers to stay. Those travelers that could not find a place to lodge started to knock a door of normal houses. That is the start of “MINSYUKU”.
“MINSYUKU” is a name for traditional guesthouse in Japan. When you stay in a hotel or a “RYOKAN”, you are able to receive a professional service. But when you stay in a “MINSYUKU”, you are able to find more family-like atmosphere, kindness and hospitality. This is because “MINSYUKU” did not started as a business. It started as a normal family, helping people who has no place to lodge in a cold winter time. So some people might find it “inconvenient”, but it is more like spending a night at relative’s house. We, will do our best to welcome you like your relative, but you will have to do your best to do your own thing as well. Of course, there might be strange things for you, as you are not familiar with Japanese culture and common sense. But because we want your stay in Japan to be very comfortable, we are always welcome to be asked, questioned and to tell you how everything works in Japan.
We hope your stay in “Villa Green Grass” and hope your stay in Japan will be a good one, and we will do our best to support it.